Thursday, 2 August 2012

Clear your mind and the rest will follow

Hi there, how are ya?

Not that anyone would notice but I deleted all my old post, I doubt any of my old readers are still around. If you are, hey!

So in short the last 12 months I lost 32kg, gained back 6kg, worked out, forgot about working out, ate raw, then ate crap and went waaaaaaaaay off track. Body, Mind & Soul.

To be honest I had the wrong mind set when I started losing weight, I wanted it gone super quick, so I worked out everyday, ate very little and weighed myself throughout the day getting paranoid at the slightest of inclines. I was not making it a healthy habit. I got off track come the winter. It was easy to once again become a lazy slob.

It is about balance and being open to change, being positive and attracting the good into your life that suits that mind set.

Big talk, no action, thinking being a "foodie" or being too tired are valid lifestyle reasons for over indulgence and lack of proper exercise. Winning formula = No balance.

So here I am, at the starting line again, trying a new method, a new way and working hard at it.